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Images: (Top)© Visibiliti Media / Afrika Film Festival Cologne; (Middle/Bottom) © Herby Sachs
Visibiliti Media / Afrika Film Festival Köln

African Futures -
together on the way

African FuturesTogether on the Way” makes the various topics of the African Diaspora and the diverse Black perspectives in Cologne accessible to all citizens of the city in a public program.

The program provides the framework for diversity of perspective and critical and respectful interaction. Actors from Cologne’s Afro-diasporic communities make their wide-ranging commitment visible. Exhibitions, discussions and workshops reveal a complex, multi-layered and creative picture of modern Africa and its diaspora. Topics range from African start-ups, discourse around (post)-colonial heritage, to empowerment and consulting work.

The view of Africa and black people in Germany is overshadowed by a colonial past that is still largely suppressed and continues to have a political impact today. “African Futures – Together on the Way” explores the question of what this shared history means for living together in Cologne today and creates space for discourse and encounter.

"I’ve always strongly believed that in order for us to know where we’re going as Africans, we need to know where we’re coming from. Our present and our future lives are greatly influenced by our past lives and also those that came before us."
Chima Nwoke