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Terre Ceinte – Banished Land – Play

In Kalep, a town in Sumal controlled by the brutal power of the Islamists, two young adults are executed for entering into a love affair. Resistance fighters try to resist this new world order, they publish an underground newspaper. Mohamed Mbougar Sarr describes how resistance to this violent new world order is forming and questions concepts such as courage and cowardice, heroism and fear, responsibility and truth. Through strong narrative moments and poignant correspondence from the mothers of the two victims, a clear-sighted reflection on a situation of terror and jihadism in the Sahel emerges.

“For some years now, our humanity has become the scene of an unprecedented barbarism. An outrageous violence, a sudden madness, an infinite nightmare, a dense night that encloses the horizon of our mothers, our fathers, our sisters, our brothers and our children. (…) How did we come to this? And above all, what can we do? Terre ceinte is an attempt to speak about what is happening to us. To look ourselves in the face. Mohamed Mbougar Sarr, the author of this great novel, has already drawn the furrows of refusal of humiliation and degradation with his characters.” A. Tarnagda

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africologneFESTIVAL / afroTopia e.V.


Terre Ceinte – Banished Land – Play


Jun 06 2023


18:30 - 20:15


Alte Feuerwache/Bühne


Mit Frühbucher-Rabatt (bis 30.4.): 18 / 10 € (erm.), danach: 24 / 13 € (erm.)

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