Companion: The Decolonization of Thought

The performance “Weggefährtin/ Die Dekolonisierung des Denkens” (Companion/ The Decolonization of Thought) by the artist Lysania is about the journey of a figure who explores the facets of his own being through the confrontation with language, the word. Lysania, through her own texts in interaction with excerpts from the book “Black Skin, White Mask” by the philosopher Frantz Fanon, invites us to reflect on our own thinking and to question constructed images of others/ascriptions of others. For this Lysania works with the edition of the publishing house Turia+Kant.

Lysania describes the confrontation as well as the development of this performance as a practice, which invites to constantly question the thinking in black and white, independent of the origin and the position of one’s own being.

The performance was created as part of the collaborative project “Beyond (Post)-colonial Presence” by the artists and curators Marie Köhler and Juliane Herrmann and had its premiere as part of the event “The Decolonization of Thought / What Can Art Do?” in Cologne in the summer of 2021.


Bernice Lysania

The event is sponsored by the City of Cologne.


Companion: The Decolonization of Thought


Jun 03 2023


15:30 - 15:50




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African Futures Köln – gemeinsam auf dem Weg
  • Language: German


Film / Performance / Theater,
Konzert / Party