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Critical Whiteness – What does racism actually have to do with me?

In our online workshop “Critical Whiteness “, we address racism as a system of power in society as a whole, in which Black people and people of color* experience structural disadvantage and white people** are systematically advantaged. We look at how racism manifests itself within German society and how we can learn step by step to think and act critically of racism.

Racism in Germany is historically deeply rooted – and yet for many people not directly affected it is often only un(ter)consciously noticeable. What exactly is meant by racism? What role does one’s own whiteness play within racist structures? How can white people recognize racism and what can they do concretely to address and dismantle racism in their own (work) environment?

The offer is aimed at white people who want to critically examine racism and their own role in this system of power, and want a trusting and error-friendly exchange.

We would like to see an appreciative and error-friendly approach. In the case of right-wing extremist, misanthropic and grossly offensive statements, we reserve the right to exclude participants for self-protection and protection of the group.

*Black people and people of color: is a political self-designation of people who experience racism and do not have interpretive authority. The terms do not describe skin colors.

**white people: political term for people who have privileges through racist structures and thus occupy a sociopolitical norm and position of power. The term does not describe skin color.

The workshop will be held in two parts: Monday, June 05 and Tuesday, June 06 from 5 to 7 pm. The participation is valid for both days. Registration until 03.06.23 via (limited number of 18 participants*)

This workshop is for white-read people, that is, all those who do not have negative experiences of racism themselves.


Alexandra Conrads (she/her) – social scientist, trainer, consultant and speaker. She has been active in political education work for several years with a focus on anti-racism, criticism of racism and empowerment.

Pierre Clarke (he/him) – lawyer, migration consultant, anti-discrimination consultant. He has worked in immigration work for many years and offers consultations and workshops on anti-racism, Black history, discrimination protection, and toxic masculinity.


Critical Whiteness – What does racism actually have to do with me?


Jun 05 2023


Registration until 03.06.23 via (limited number of 18 participants*)
17:00 - 19:00


Online via the Zoom platform


Eintritt frei. Dieser Workshop richtet sich an weiß-gelesene Menschen, also alle diejenigen, die nicht selbst negative Rassismuserfahrungen machen.

Program area

African Futures Köln – gemeinsam auf dem Weg
  • Language: German, if required, tasks or word contributions can also be made in English and translated by us.


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